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Campus party 2014 – Experience!

A new city, a new environment, a group of people gathered for passion in common: technology.It is not an ineffable space, yet it is not easy to gather the accurate words to talk about this event, about how much it proposes, about how much it offers, about the variety of activities from which it is possible learn and about the different spaces in which it is possible to show people what you do. Music, video games, information technology, robotics, visual art, conferences, it is such an experience!


It is curious how you get to a space which is unaware to your everyday. I, as a languages teacher, barely know about technology as my approach to it is merely academic, I manage the IT as tools for both the teaching and learning process, so that my students have more options when practicing and their process becomes something they enjoy. I have a very biased view of what it is possible to do with the technology. The immersion in this event was an incredible opportunity to know and see beyond the products, it could see what is behind them, as well as some other development projects that include fields I usually would not explore.

I had the chance to assist to the talk of four characters whom I had rarely heard about before, but from whom I learnt a lot and I could understand why they are so famous, due to the fact that their innovative ideas are just amazing. They were the Japanese physician Michio Kaku, the Italian innovation-futurist designer Vito Di Bari, the Argentinian Matías Katz and the American Twitter coocreator Dom Sagolla.



Furthermore, the event is not only technical terms and programs; also it is possible to find the commonly called “geek” I had seen before, those who like video games, music and TV series. Bringing back memories of video games and consoles that are no longer used, playing guitar and singing with Guitar Hero and finding from key holders to books, going through fluffy toys, t-shirts and other gadgets related to series was lovely, it is like discovering a small part of heaven on earth, in an event.

Last but not least, I would like to highlight the company and support of my partners and Mozilla reps in Campus Party Dany Bautista, Sandra Guevara, Javier Caicedo y Jeff Durán, who were always guiding me, explaining to me all the processes that take place in the event and how Mozilla gets to participate in it. They are very committed people to what respects with the organization, people who really concern for standing and spreading the organization’s projects so that they are known and taken by more people every day.
I can only thank the opportunity of being there and having the chance of being part of such marvelous event. I hope it is the first, but not the last time we meet.


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